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Pet Aromatherapy – With Rachel Carroll, Aromatherapist

Does aromatherapy really calm dogs and cats? Quite simply put – yes! Dogs alone have 40 times more scent receptors than their humans, which enables them to recognize smells up to 100,000 times better than human beings. Studies have shown that aromatherapy works wonders with dogs and cats! Join the host of The Everything Pets

Your Pet’s Horoscope – With Lisa Stardust, Astrologer

Knowing what to expect from your pet and how your pet will respond to situations and its environment is a pet owner’s dream come true. Pet horoscopes can provide great insight into your pet’s mood, expectations, desires, and thoughts. Listen to the host of The Everything Pets Podcast, Ed Walden chat with celebrity astrologer, Lisa Stardust about pet horoscopes and

Cannabis for Pets – With Kristen Cooley, VCC

The majority of pet parents agree that the road to keeping your pet healthy is one of the biggest challenges for pet caretakers. Cannabis has merged onto the pet caretaker’s landscape and many pets have seen big results. Cannabis re-introduces and brings balance or homeostasis back to your pet’s life. Please download and listen to

Learning About Your Dog’s Teeth – With Dr. Christopher Snyder

If you are a dog parent, you know that ignoring your dog’s teeth can lead to major health problems and large veterinary expenses later in life. Many dogs that suffer from oral health neglect often have sore, loose or broken teeth, bad breath, and gum disease which could lead to a host of other veterinary

Pets Living Longer Through Proper Nutrition – With Dr. Evelyn Kass

All pet parents want the best for their pets, including a long and healthy life. Good health begins in the gut! Your pet is what you feed it! Listen to this episode of The Everything Pets Podcast, as host Ed Walden talks with pet nutrition expert, Dr. Evelyn Kass about the importance of proper pet nutrition, how to achieve it,

Hip Dysplasia And Osteoarthritis In Dogs – With Dr. Tomas Infernuso

All pet parents of medium and large breed dogs agree that canine hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis are one of the biggest concerns while caring for their four-legged family member. No pet parent wants to see their dog suffer the agony of hip dysplasia and/or osteoarthritis. Be sure to listen to this episode as veterinary surgeon

Airplane Travel With Your Pet – With Dr. Nelva Bryant

Traveling with your pet on an airplane can be a wonderful experience, but it also could turn quickly into a nightmare if you have not properly prepared your pet… Tune in to hear the host of The Everything Pets Podcast, Ed Walden as he speaks with pet travel extraordinaire, Dr. Nelva Bryant about preparing your pet for airplane travel and

Understanding Your Cat – With Dr. Rachel Geller

Many people agree that trying to understand cats and their behavior can be a daunting task. Countless cat caretakers are faced with the challenge of trying to figure out why their cats do certain things and why they do not. Join host of The Everything Pets Podcast, Ed Walden, and certified cat behaviorist, Dr. Rachel