Ending Exotic Cat Abuse – With Carole Baskin

Animal abuse is a terrible problem that’s widespread in the United States. Find out how Carole Baskin, CEO of                          Big Cat Rescue, is working to put an end to exotic cat abuse and their exploitation as she chats with Ed Walden, host of 

How Puppies Transition From Puppyhood To Senior And All Points In Between – With Dr. Charles McMillan

Knowing what to expect and how to prepare for your dog’s transition from puppyhood to adult to senior makes a tremendous impact on your dog’s quality and length of life. In this episode, host, Ed Walden of The Everything Pets Podcast chats with veterinarian, Charles McMillan, DVM, about dogs, their life stages, and what to

Spiritually Connect With Your Pet Now And In The Afterlife

Connecting with your pet is one of the most valuable components of the human-pet relationship. Join host, Ed Walden of The Everything Pets Podcast as he speaks with animal communicator, medium, clairvoyant, and best-selling author, Annie Bourke of Brisbane, Australia, about how to communicate with your pet now and in the afterlife! If you want

Capturing The Human-Dog Bond

Welcome Episode

Welcome to The Everything Pets Podcast! We will discuss any and everything about pets and animals! We are very excited to post our first episode! In this episode, we share what to expect in upcoming shows.